Integrated Service

"Our support doesn't just stop at clearn staining
-we'll also help you assess drug efficacy with quantitative data from image analysis” 

~Axcelead’s integrated services provide maximum assessment of in vivo reactions~

With a Biology Team and Pathology Team  working together under one roof, we'll design tests to assess your drugs waste-free.
Our one-stop assessment service will give you accurate results, fast.

Example - Pharmacological assessment and image analysis of inflammatory cells, using model mice with colitis:

Image analysis:


Pharmacological studies in our Biology TeamDepartment

Oncology, immunology, metabolism, central nervous system, and more...Axcelead’s Biology TeamDepartment can cover a vast range of disease areas.
We also have a wealth of experience with pharmacological study using pigs and monkeys.
We can rapidly create KO/KI genetically modified rodents(Using CRISPR/Cas9* technology, we can create KO rodents within three months)

*: Axcelead has a commercial license agreement from ERS genomics.

Quantifying image data in the Pathology Team

We can assess all organs. With technology and quality backed up by safety research, we can prepare samples of all organs and tissues and assess their pathology.
Being involved right from the test design stage means we can prepare the most suitablebest possible samples for assessment.
We can also conduct the condition settings of support IHC and ISH conditions for target markers.
Please ask consult us about acquiring and analyzing whole slide images, too.