HTS(High-throughput screening)

HTS (High-throughput screening) is a service to identify hit compounds with high probability in a short period of time.

Our HTS platforms and services for your drug discovery

    • Seamless services from assay development through HTS with well-experienced and high expertise professionals high expertise professionals
    • HTS platform covering a wide range of target classes and phenotypes
    • Pharma-origin vast library with high quality and diverse structure
    • One-stop Hit follow-up service

Seamless screening platform from assay development
through HTS with well-experienced and high expertise professionals

◆ Axcelead offers an integrated screening platform including material preparation, assay development, and HTS.
◆ Axcelead proposes promising flexible screening plans and strategies based on customer needs.

  ▶ Axcelead provides hit compounds including high-value information.
  ◇ Compound profiles based on Axcelead original data.

    • Cytotoxicity data (only for compounds tested in-house so far)

    • Biological annotations of hit compounds

    • Kinase selectivity profiles

  ◇ Review of hit compounds by medicinal chemists in Axcelead

    • Clustering of hit compounds by Axcelead original algorithm

    • Comments on structural characteristics of each cluster

  ◇ Drug-like properties
      (QED, HBA/HBD, AlogP, tPSA, number of aromatic ring, Fsp3 etc.)


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Assay development and high-throughput screening platforms
covering a wide range of target classes

◆ Platforms are available for all major target classes and phenotypes.
◆ Axcelead proposes and conducts suitable material preparation (recombinant proteins and stable cell lines)
for your HTS.

■ Major AXL assay platforms
  ●  GPCRs
  ●  Enzymes
  ●  Ion channels/Transporters
  ●  Nuclear receptors
  ●  PPI (protein-protein interaction)
  ●  Phenotypic screening
       e.g.) High content screening, Reporter gene assayGene expression analysis


Vast compound libraries with high quality and diverse structure

◆ Axcelead proposes the optimal compound libraries for your HTS.

Diversity libraries

    • Pooled library 720,000 compounds
    • Single library  200,000 compounds

▶You can choose either or both of pooled and single libraries that
 pursue lead-likeness and diversity. CNS focused, Fragment, and low
 cytotoxic compounds for cell-based screening libraries are available
■ Focused libraries   41,000 compounds

    • Libraries for target classes (Kinase, GPCR, Protease, PPI, etc.)
    • Macrocyclic
    • RNA
    • Covalent
    • Extended rule of 5
    • Natural product
    • Annotation

▶Biologically annotated library for phenotypic screening is available

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One-stop Hit follow-up service after HTS

◆ Axcelead supports to generate Advanced Hit compounds with several approaches to prioritize your hit chemotypes.

■ Axcelead biophysical analysis
  • Affinity selection-mass spectrometry (AS-MS)
  • Thermal shift assay (TSA)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC)
  • Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
  • X-ray crystallography