Functional Service


We can support to identify high-quality hit compounds for your target  with high-quality compound library and multiple high-throughput screening platforms
・Over the last 20 years, out team has successfully achieved >600 HTS campaigns for wide range of target classes and phenotypic screening.
・Axcelead's library has >1.5 million small-molecule compounds with leadlikeness and diversity and multiple library sets for HTS, diversity and focused libraries (Target classes such as Kinases, GPCRs, PPI targets, Peoteases and RNAs, CNS, Macrocycles, Covalent and Biologically annotated libraries.)

Axcelead efficiently provides hit/lead compounds including high-value information with a high level of expertise and knowledge of in vitro assay technology and ensures the highest probability for a successful drug discovery.

◇ High-throughput screening (HTS) service

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Ion channel drug discovery with leading-edge facilities and a strategic approach!
~Drug discovery ability to overcome challenges~

◇ Service menu for Screening

Hit finding
Planning of hit identification strategy ▶ Target assessment
▶ Design of screening cascade
▶ Proposal of compound library
Assay development for screening ▶ Material preparation (cDNAs, proteins, cells)
▶ Assay development
(Enzymes, GPCRs, transporters, ion channels, nuclear receptors, etc.)
▷ Biochemical assay
▷ Biophysical assay
▷ Phenotypic assay (Cell line, Primary cells, iPS cells)
▷ Protein-protein interaction; PPI
▷ Electrophysiological assay
High throughput screen (HTS)*

*Various read-outs including also radiometric formats
*Ability to perform HTS under BSL2 conditions
▶ Assay adaptation for HTS (full automation, miniaturization)
▶ Pilot screen (HTS assay validation)
▶ HTS campaign and Data analysis
▷ Primary screening
▷ Counter screening
▷ EC50/IC50 measurement
▷ Purity test
▶ Hit follow up
(Hit expansion, species difference, selectivity, mechanism of action, etc.)
Lead generation/optimization
in vitro evaluation of compounds for hit/lead/IND generation
in vitro profiling and MOA/kinetics analysis
Biochemical analysis
Biophysical analysis(SPR, ASMS, TSA, ITC, NMR)
Structural biology for SBDD and FBDD
Cell-based assay
Compound library management
Compound logistics ▶ Compound storage (Vials, tubes; 96&384 tube, Plates; 96&384&1536 well)
▶ Compound quality control
▶ Powder weighing
▶ Liquid handling and reformatting
▶ Compound information management
▶ Managing, recording and reporting of all manipulation of client samples
Library management ▶ Consulting services
Facilities and Equipment ▶ Lab-automation system
▶ Fully automated storage systems
▶ Compound Logistics IT system
(managing, recording and reporting of all operations of client samples)