Dr.Kawamoto and Dr.Tanaka will give a lecture at the iForum ™ 2021 Virtual User Group Meeting on January 28th.

Dr.Kawamoto, Senior Director of Discovery Science, and Dr.Tanaka,  Sales Director will give a lecture at the "iForum ™ 2021 Virtual User Group Meeting" hosted by FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics.

【Date】        2021.01.28 (Thu)  9:10 ~ 9:30 (CST)
【Venue】      Online Webinar
【Title】     " Driving Innovative Drug Discovery Using Target-Oriented Hit Identification Assays and Phenotypic Screening "


Tomohiro Kawamoto, Ph.D., Senior Director, Discovery Science             Takahiro Tanaka, PhD., Director, Sales
   (Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.)                  (Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.)

Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc., is the integrated drug discovery solution provider in Japan, having succeeded the research platform of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.  Utilizing the drug discovery platform, scientific excellence and Takeda historical data, we create scientific innovation together with customers as Partnership Research Organization. “Hit identification” is one of our integrated services to offer high-quality and drug-like hit compounds through comprehensive capability: huge and high-quality compound library, assay development, high throughput screening, hit profiling (selectivity, species difference, ADMET etc) and hit expansion by medicinal chemists. In this presentation we introduce the target-oriented hit identification, and also offer phenotypic screening capability with iCells through collaboration with Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics, Inc. Anyone can register for free.

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(FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics)